Tal Maslavi's Cake Derby Shoes Now Ready for a Sweet Pre-Order

Tal Maslavi's Cake Derby Shoes Now Ready for a Sweet Pre-Order

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Tal Maslavi, a young and inventive fashion design talent from Israel’s Shenkar College, has officially announced that his mouth-watering Cake Derby Shoes are now available for pre-order. First catching the public’s eye with their debut in his graduation collection, these unique footwear creations have since garnered a delectable buzz online for their innovative design. Maslavi ingeniously carves out chunks from the toe sections of black leather Derbys, revealing layers of cake in flavors of strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla, transforming conventional footwear into a feast for the eyes.

Crafted with grooved rubber platform soles, black cowhide leather uppers and pigskin linings, these Cake Derbys aren’t just a visual treat but also promise practical wearability. This sweet transition from prototype to pre-order marks a significant milestone for Maslavi, illustrating the potential for innovative design to captivate and create new trends in the fashion industry.

The Cake Derby Shoes by Tal Maslavi are now ready to be pre-ordered on talmaslavi.com, priced at $985 USD. Keep an eye out for these uniquely delicious footwear creations and be among the first to walk away with a piece of this fashion confectionery.


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