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Broken Heart Necklace

Broken Heart Necklace

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Discover emotional complexity with our "Broken Heart" pendant

  • "Broken Heart" pendant crafted from premium 925 sterling silver
  • Two-faced design symbolizing emotional intricacies
  • Made in China with precision
  • One-size piece
  • Adjustable chain for versatility (50—55 cm)
  • Embrace the duality of emotions with this unique accessory.

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    Maintaining the durability and fresh appearance of your silver jewellery requires regular wear, as frequent exposure to oxygen and sulphur quickens tarnishing. To store silver jewellery, opt for airtight bags and consider adding a piece of chalk to absorb moisture. When cleaning silver, use a jewellery polishing cloth, avoiding harsh tools like toothbrushes due to silver's soft nature.

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